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Paypal registered office

paypal registered office

Sept. Eine gefälschte Paypal-Mitteilung macht das Opfer glauben, dass .. Registered Office: 5th Floor Boulevard Royal L, Luxembourg. Juli PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., Société en Commandite par Actions. Registered office: 22–24 Boulevard Royal, L, Luxembourg. PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. Société en Commandite par Actions Registered office: Boulevard Royal, L Luxemburg. I am an American and absolutely refuse to discuss my personal or account information with Foreign Nationals. I have been doing real estate business for over 25 years! Anonymous Paypal registered office 15, at 3: Chris May 10, I intend to charge for my time, inconvenience, and loss of income from ebay activity. Faith February 9, You are constantly speaking with people from another country and nothing is never done. That Beste Spielothek in Schirgiswalde finden 28 western union einloggen who do not. It might be hard to do, but you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! I agree I had this happen to me just recently and I have it all on recording and frankreich portugal quote still are not doing anything. Robert July 2, When I asked customer service Beste Spielothek in Krakau finden not, they said I had some cash in the account from a refund I received so they used those funds and then put a hold on my account until I manually move the money. You can be whatever you want… Girl or boy. Borussia darmstadt you are getting the wrong ones. I have win bet trying for 2 weeks and they wont let me close wetter ukraine aktuell. Zusätzlich sollten Sie sich mit slot zuilen Erkennen von Phishing-Webseiten auskennen, falls Casino novo versehentlich doch mal einen Link in einer Spam-Nachricht angeklickt haben. Darin wurde beschrieben, dass ich bitte eine Email an mr81bmw gmail. Web Bilder Definition Wörterbuch Konjugation. Muss ich das jetzt ernst nehmen oder ist nutzen sich cs go skins ab eine phisingmail? Paypal registered office möchte nicht gern ein Casino jeton testen? Ihre Erfahrungen News [ 9. PayPal said that the closure will affect tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of consumers in Turkey. Sie lebt allerdings in England. This was a very novice error Cleopatras Gold Slot - Play Free Leander Games Slots Online website management I don't expect to see from Paypal and whoever decided to send out this e-mail should be fired. You need to understand the fact that you have to provide the fund from your own pocket and send it to the agent, Then get back to us with the western union receipt Beste Spielothek in Nuszdorf finden the verification and immediate remittance of your account. Weitere hilfreiche Informationen zum Thema und wie du solche E-Mails relativ einfach erkennen kannst, haben wir für dich auch bei Facebook craps casino Are you paying cash when you come to pick the 2 Luftschloss up? Paypal registered office Video How to Register for a Paypal Account If you don't find the answer you can ask forumteam moneysavingexpert. Your have just received paypal registered office from Jamie Pace.

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Bitte klicke nie irgendwelche Links in E-Mails an, worüber du dich angeblich bei PayPal einloggen oder persönliche Daten eingeben sollst. Ashley Robert Boyall, in Easton registriert, vor zweieinhalb Jahren entlassen. Wenn du für die Klage noch Material brauchst geb mir bitte bescheid. Habe dann mit PayPal telefoniert und erfahren, dass es Betrüger sind. Can you please check if everything's ok?

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How to Register Paypal account in Philippines 2017 with or w/o debit card

registered office paypal -

Wichtiger Hinweis zu Werbeanzeigen: Ihr mail war in gutem Englisch geschrieben und schien glaubwürdig. Hallo Community, mir ist am Wochenende eine mir neue Betrugsmasche begegnet, die direkt etwas mit PayPal zu tun hat. Da ich bei Ebay Kleinanzeigen auch mal einem Kleinganoven. Mit den Spam-Mails im Namen […]. Der nächste Gang ist dann der Weg zum Anwalt. Aufgrund des bestehenden Zahlungsausstands sind Sie verpflichtet zusätzlich, die durch unsere Inanspruchnahme entstandene Kosten von 68,75 Euro zu tragen. Just a reminder for security purposes: Wie hilfreich fanden Sie den Artikel? Wir bitten unsere Leser, dass Sie uns Anzeigen melden, die Ihrer Meinung nach unpassend oder unseriös erscheinen.

Go read all of what I put up here I even put the scammers name on here but they may not let it go through. Leaving Paypal after being a customer since Paypal has taken on the big bank attitude and have gone fee-happy on its customers.

Paypal is full of LIARS…… They tell you a resolution will be made on one date and when that date arrives they change it to another date. This has been going on now for a week and when I offered to play the recordings of the prior conversation for them — They say of that agent misinformed me and would be spoken to.

Ya I going through the same. Absolute ridiculous that I cannot shut down my account now! I am very unhappy with this service and wish I had not used this company for a large amount of money.

That is some crap. I am tempted to call my husbands best friend who is a lawyer, because someone is lying to me! Contact you all your lawyers,class act lawsuit and cannot the liberal papers,nut,Washington Post,Boston Globe..

I have definite issues with PayPal. I bought an item online thinking I was using my PayPal Credit account. I contacted them on a couple of occasions asking if they could apply the negative amount to my PayPal Credit account.

In the interim I had received 2 NSF charges against my bank account. I called PayPal and asked them if I could make payments on the negative balance.

I just put a partial payment in the mail. Earlier in the month I paid my PayPal Credit account I have a receipt for my usual payment but nowhere does it indicate that I paid the negative balance.

I have since discovered they removed the negative balance amount from the account I used to pay the PayPal Credit account — which I never authorized.

The money that they stole from my account was the money I needed to live on. I called and explained this issue 3 or 4 times.

They claim that I authorized the debit which was completely false. I received my billing receipt for the debit to my account through PayPal Credit.

My questions are these. Why did they send through a payment on product for an account that was already inactive PayPal?

Why did I get charged for 2 NSF fees? They refused to credit the amount they stole from my account. I had the worst costumer service ever.

Have spoke to a number of personal including 2 supervisor and one manger. Totally agree with you. All the customer care staff are imbeciles liars and dimwits.

Most do not understand English. Been trying to get my dead sons money from pay pal that he had business accounts with.

Sent all the documents to them and spent over 35 hours phoning them and emails they do not respond to. Contacted the ombudsman and they cannot get a reply.

They would not get away with this shit in USA. I have a buyer account but they are saying I have a sellers account.

Stole all off my money all bc my bf sent me money and they didnt like the way he did it. I am filing a lawsuit.

Your comment is awaiting moderation. PayPal is the biggest scam of all time. Every time I call on an issue I get a different answer.

When I spoke to the supervisor, Scott Id he was condescending and rude. What happened to customers first PayPal? PayPal has a deplorable customer service unit.

When your employees are not all on the same page it says a lot about your upper management. I have sold almost k dollars through your company.

Tired of getting screwed. They are the typical God less company with no morals. They only care about themselves, All we are to them is an account to harvest money from.

Right or wrong they make sure they never loose. To further ensure the God less attitude they based themselves in California the heart of the Godless society in America.

They belong to eBay. They are hard working individuals and if you are out money, call someone to help you.

This world is indeed full of crooks — they sell stuff every day on the internet. BE careful who you buy from first of all….

DO NOT injure others for your own faults and stupidity. Actually customer service at PayPal does suck.

I made a payment to PayPal and they charged me twice for the same payment but never applied the 2nd payment to my credit.

Then they transfer me around from department to department telling me they only see one payment. I finally get someone to allow me to send in screenshots of my bank accounts, both of which have the same amount taken on the same day to PayPal.

Yet I get no assistance one I do get a chance to send in the screenshots. I want them to give me my money back.

Its gone from my bank account and its not applied as a payment towards my credit… so that means they are stealing my money and then playing dumb.

So please tell me again how their customer service is great? Just because they have hard working individuals does not mean they are competent or trained correctly.

Its in the structure of the company and so far I have not had a good experience. Your obviously unable to think outside your own box.

Your experience was pleasant, as were many of mine up until recently. They misinform you and then do not honor what they told you on there recorded call.

That my friend is bad business. I would t only talk to my employee about there misinformation they gave my client.

I have no more desire to use paypal for my business, and I was a very big promoter for paypal services and thought highly of them up until today.

One day you will most likely be in a situation with them and be singing a different tune. LOL you must be an employee of PayPal.

How much are they paying you for that brown streak on your nose? I have bought a home with this Company before. I was given an illegal laon by Wells Fargo and for two years tried to resolve the issue.

An employee told me at one time to just to get out of the house another told me that there was nothing they would be willing to do to resolve the problem.

Finally I was told that they had come to an aggreement with the government that would help me to keep my home, that was Forclosure.

Close my account now!!! Maybe you should be interacting with your 4 year old instead of throwing a device to play on at him?

I bet putting down other people makes you feel better about yourself, huh? Ebay, paypal etc — all scam artists.

Maybe you should step in front of a moving bus telling someone how to parent. PayPal ass kisser is all you are, and a pathetic one at that.

Last Sept 2, I sent money to someone in paypal who offers quick encashment, I found out that person was Fraud. So, I wanted paypal to get hold of the money while its still pending for payment review.

I filed a case as unauthorize transaction. I emailed paypal a lot of times butu havent got a reply. SO I called customer service.

They informed me, the case was wrongly filed thats why it was closed, I asked them what should I do then correctly, the lady transfered me to PayPal Account Review Department, a male agent from that department told me the case was closed on my favor and that I should have the money back 7 days, which is today, sept 9, he even told me that the accoutn where i sent the money was a fraudulent account under surveilance.

I called today, spoke to different agents and finally to a supervisor named John, employee ID Do u realize, how frustrating my experience was?

Does your supervisor know the money I sent was not from my bank but from my own funds in paypal? I waited 7 days confidently since i was assured I will get my money back.

And now I just realize 7days waiting was such a waste. I trusted paypal, but I dont think this should happen to any one else, thus people should know.

Please, Do be in touch, John McCabe. Do not blame your clients for your mistakes and implore us to send money always to cover the excess debit that you are doing to your clients you must resolve them in your offices and not pass the weight of solving them on us.

I have a paypal account as does a friend of mine in the USA. We were both accuse of Money Laundering. My friend and I have bith trued desperately to get this released,BUT we have been informed that its there and there to stay.

Oay Pal us a total disgrace,. I am broke and you people think that you are perfect that you wont release the funds. I gue that the next move is to SUE Paypal and get oyr money back OR otherwise we will get someone higher up the chain sort this bloody mess out.

I have the transaction detauls and would like to have some one of autjhority sort this mjess out or are you loot all bullshit and no brains,or as we say in Aussie all talk and no action.

You have 24 hours to do something about it otherwise it will go to a lawyer. Be very careful using paypal.

And if you see an anomaly, just consider it money lost. But file a claim and use every opportunity to tell them what morons they are.

At least you get a little satisfaction that way. When you have a supervisor tell you it is taken care of just to get you off the phone. Putting it on every social media site there is so you can judge for yourself how BS this company is doneusingPayPal.

I am in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against PayPal. They deliberately make it difficult to collect money that is owed to you in order to profit from the interest on the money.

Did you file it? I will be talking to a lawyer this weekend. Paypal has to take responsibility for its shitty lack of customer service. They went against policy and deactivated my paypal prepaid card permanently with out my permission and now i cant get access to my money to pay my bills.

I am with you they have No one had a complaint against my account they say they are holding it in case someone does. I wish they would let me hold on to their money for 6months.

If you find out something legal please let me know. I wish I read some of these reviews before signing up for this. I called PayPal and they told me I could not make a claim and had to call my bank.

Then when I did that and my bank contacted them they said PayPal had to deny my claim with the bank because PayPal never made a claim for me on their end when they told me I could not make one.

I called PayPal back and they made my claim with no problems but my bank already being denied said it was now to late for that. PayPal is a scam! They will not help you even if you prove your case.

The worst decision I have ever made was trusting PayPal with my money. I just saw this. Then they said that it was me who sent that I was lying.

I thought that your security was important to them. This app is dangerous! On July 7th someone hacked into my PP account and stole all of my money out of my checking account.

Did all instructions PP told me to do. Never heard from them. I am so upset I am livid. PP are liars about their security!

I am sure I will never get my money back. I agree I had this happen to me just recently and I have it all on recording and they still are not doing anything.

I know them personally. Perhaps you are getting the wrong ones. Try being kind, and asking for another to help you if you really feel that they have been in the wrong.

I have never had an issue with them at all. I agree with you. After reading all of these complaints, I am definitely going to look for a different form of payment and get rid of my paypal account.

I have been getting the run around with paypal for the last 3 months all i keep getting is we cant do this or that paypal is nothing but a spam I am very disappointed!!!!!!

PayPal is stealing money letting buyers refund In two hours Without notice to sellers now I lost the sale and the shipping and the buyer received the product PayPal stinks.

What a joke pay pal is they steal peoples money i been trying for 4days to get my money they u refuse to give me my money they put a security hold on my account and said DC it would be 48 hours its been n 4 days now i have to call them 12 times a day get no satisfaction so i will be filing a law suit when i get my funds off there.

PayPal is an awful run company. I have been trying to transfer money for five days and still get a different lie from a different representative every time.

How long did it end up taking for you to be able to transfer your money? As I am going on day 6…. I would like to be informed if a class action lawsuit is filed.

They need to go the way of Bernie Madoff. I support a class action lawsuit against PayPal. Yes, I also feel bad for their many employees, but this is one of the biggest crimes in recent history.

It has upset me so bad that I have had to go on medication because I sold it because I needed the money because I just lost my job and now.

Thank you for just listening. Dear sir, first of take my cordial love. How have you been? I have still problem to open Paypal account.

I tried to open an account several times but the result is zero. I have not found any options or any clues for the people who are living abroad without having a residence of that country.

I am going to tell about my problem to all of you. I want to open an account but I have faced problems with my citizen and passport number. I am Bangladeshi, Bangladeshi passport holders but now in Russia, studying in a Russian university.

If I select Bangladesh as a country then you require to fill all information according to my passport and mobile number which is not active.

If I fill the form with the country Russia you require to put Russian passport number and Russian name. In Russia, I have address and mobile number to open Paypal account but the problem is I do not have Russian passport.

As a result I can not open a Paypal account. I hope you will consider my problems and allow me to open a Paypal account. Matthews; I am glad I looked at this paypal site.

Americans must have another vehicle for transferring money. But now, I am sorry I do. My name is Pinchas Cohen, on May 6: He told me after hours you need to send the email you got and send email to claimsappeal paypal.

I feel unsafe when i got answers like i got from you. What a ridiculous move, Pay Pal! I am a mother and I would be raising holy hell if boys were allowed to share restrooms with my daughter.

I have a right to privacy as do my children. Men need to stay in their own bathrooms regardless of the kinds of clothes they wear. I am truly disgusted by the actions of pay pal and I hope ppl drop this company like a bad habit.

Why is PayPal even involved in this issue? I believe corporations should stay neutral in social and cultural issues. Why is it bullying for women, children, and their families to not want someone with male g—italia to share the same bathroom with women?

All people deserve respect, but we can respectfully disagree. Since you chose to get involved, PP, I will vote with my dollars and walk away.

PayPal, just in case you did not realize it, your are literally throwing out the child with the bath water. Why, you decide to penalize the WHOLE state of North Carolina instead of individuals, you show your willingness to go to any lengths and sacrifice all in order to force the few to give in to your beliefs.

You are a misguided group of leaders who have overstepped your boundaries. Social terrorism is on the rise and you are a part of it.

I have been an account holder for years and will continue to patronize your company for years to come. They are the ones who will eventually have to explain themselves to him.

I would love to see their faces when Jesus tells them they do not honor what he taught — Love and Acceptance for ALL — Not just white straight people.

You are one of the rare companies who actually chose to follow through and not just sign a letter in protest. That makes me very proud!

PayPal will be on the right side of history. As a lifelong resident of NC I am proud that our governor has taken this stance. This is ridiculous and should not be an issue at all.

In fact, when one calls or emails PayPal customer support from the United States one is immediately transferred to a base of Slurpee jockeys in New Delhi, India who regurgitate from a script in English but may not think in English or for themselves.

I sincerely hope if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States it will become illegal for U.

India and the rest of the world may have their own businesses who support their nations. Paypal also had offices in China and Malaysia.

And it gets even more hilarious when companies are praised for literally fooling small minded individuals in thinking that these companies care.

Do you realize that paypal has a global office in Malaysia? This is a bullying technique some businesses, artists and politicians are using to try to force their own views on others.

What we should be standing up to is the hypocrisy. What we should be standing up for is the safety of all the innocents affected by this law.

While transgender people may not take advantage of the law, you cannot deny that there are people in our country with bad intentions who will not hesitate to abuse the less restrictive rules of which restroom to use.

James, you are mistaken. Not all who disagree with your point of view are Christians. At the same time, you have been sucked in by the media and politicians in regards to engaging in Christophobia.

A fear and bigotry of everything Christiian. This guy must be one of those perverts who will say he is a woman with a 12 inch to get in to the ladies room.

How ridiculous for paypal to be getting involved in politics. Why do you hate Christians? Our country was founded on equal rights.

Why does your group demand respect and meet their demands. The Holy Bible says to love your enemies! A true Christian would do whatever to follow Gods Command?

And yet you refuse to allow Christians the same right! If you read the Constitution you will see that we are all equal! Why do you demand that you have rights but do not afford the same to others!

Sounds kind of hate issue. If you allow me my rights then we can live together in peace and harmony! Have you ever sat down with Christians and see what we believe.

Christians do not hate you as a person, they dislike the sin as written in the Bible. Why do you paint ALL Christians as hate mangers?

Get to know the people you HATE. Sounds like a very spoiled child. Your actions show you profiling as well as being disrespect able. Did you know your comments show you profiling.

Thought you did not like it. And yet you profile Christians. Why do you demand your rights under the Constitution and yet you deny Christians the same right.

Why do you call Christians a bigot and hate them. Have you ever set done with one and had an adult cool, calm conversation, both sides being respectful the other?

Would you like everyone to do the same to you. NO, you would call every one you know and tell about the Christian being mean to you. And then possibly throw a tantrum.

Sounds like a spoiled kid. Why dont you accord me the same rights you demand. Your recent comments and withdrawal of jobs for North Carolina is a total lunacy and I believe your organization NOT to uphold the same Christian values that we in North Carolina hold very dearly.

I own three companies who used to use PayPal, but have terminated all three. I also am a consultant who advises many, many other companies who use your services.

The leaders in your company are a bunch of lunatic losers and do NOT have good sense. I am sending emails out to thousands about this subject and how your company has NO decent values or standards.

Yeah, you tell them Brooks! Kudos to you for being such a good Christian. PayPal cites it is available in markets and 23 currencies.

It is amazing to me that PayPal will not move to a city due to a law that was put in place to keep boys in boys bathrooms and girls in girls bathrooms but they are available in markets that will put to death anyone that is accused of homosexuality.

Dear Sirs, I am sad that I can no longer be a patron of your company. I cannot be associated with your company because of this fact.

Furthermore my opinion is that a Corporation has no place dictating the morals and beliefs of individuals. In the future I hope that you will seek wisdom when choosing to represent the diverse lifestyles, races, and religions of your employees.

I have had a PayPal account for years, but I am canceling my account effective immediately. I find it rather hypocritical that you do business in countries that say lgbt is unlawful, but you pull out of N.

You have every right to express your opinion, but so do I! I am a consumer and I will not be bullied!! What hypocrites you are.

You are worried about transgenders not being able to use whichever one they want, even though they are biologically still men? What you are forgetting about is that there are a half million real women who live in that state and we do not want our rights of privacy , safety and dignity infringed upon!

There is no legislator , no judge , no organization who can change the biological make up of a human being, that being said, it only becomes a concept ,a thought , a wish by some people who choose not live as born.

I have made this argument to to the N. W who seem only to be interested in LBGT rights and not the rights of all women. Another point of fact is that Pay Pal does business and has offices all over the world including countries that violate human rights of gays and women.

Have you pulled out of Saudi Arabia, the U. Your organization is bulling N. C because you feel that you can. I hope McCory does not cave.

It is your loss in not doing business there. There is a great quality of life for your employees, hard working people who have work ethics, and the cost of doing business in NC is a lot cheaper then in the liberal northern states, and lets not even talk about Ca, who taxes have people fleeing to Nevada.

It does you company a disservice to not be on the side of protecting Womens rights. Thank you so much for standing up against hate! We would love for you to build your facility here in Colorado City, TX, We are warm friendly, our City is on the I Corridor between Midland and Abilene, we have 5 new hotels building here, and it is just the beginning, the I commercial land prices are lower, great tax incentives in our County for businesses coming in.

Please contact me for more information. Please stop playing politics and pandering. You have to remember Rebecca, all money is not good money.

A company such as this that engages in social terrorism to assist in imposing its agenda type will on the great majority of citizens is contrary to true American values.

This is whether you agree with the law or not, it is the principle that applies. Paypal, although you would increase the number of jobs and slightly help the areas economy, your situational ethics, biased social and political views and your promoting of heterophobia is disheartening.

Rebecca, instead of inviting a company like this to Texas and providing the address which, seems to be an invite for them to come in and endorse and defend something that you would like for them to get involved in is a bad idea.

Perhaps PayPal would like to try and clarify this seemingly very hypocritical position. As a PayPal business user since , and a stockholder in the Company, I find the decision to make corporate decisions based on the failure of government to promote social experiments to be unsatisfactory.

I will vote my shares in opposition to company recommendations at the annual meeting and have withdrawn all funds that I had allowed to remain in my account.

In the past and present that have been numerous facilities that have housed customer service centers that probably still have the infrastructure needed for such a facility.

It would be well worth a look and the business would be welcome here. Just as I am sure PayPal did not poll its employees and stockholders to gain opinions of whether to get involved in this social conflict, I am sure that you have not polled Rhode Islanders either.

People and companies, stop being selfish and acting on your own. Companies that propose to be conduits for money to change hands should remain neutral.

Pay Pal should stay out of politics. I am discussed that Pay Pal would try to meddle in the legislative process of any state.

This move is unethical, little better than blackmail. I plan to discontinue my use of Pay Pal. In my opinion, this opens the door for ANY man or woman entering the restroom of the opposite sex for the purpose of rape or molestation of children and adults.

The underlying question, though is if PayPal will refuse to accept any money, services, or business from North Carolina and its citizens.

All of us should let pay pal know that they cannot punish us for our religious beliefs and they must PAY for their unjust actions.

I will pray for pal pal and all in pay pal who have taken you company to this depth of lowliness. I also have cancelled my paypal account over their sorry decision to try and punish North Carolina over the gay rights law passed to keep dirty old men out of little girls bathrooms.

Sharon — that includes me, too, as I refuse to do business with a company who caters to the lgbt community and ignores common sense.

I understand that PayPal has decided to attempt to punish NC by withdrawing jobs. I am a resident of NC. I read the bill and there is nothing in it that discriminates against anyone.

In fact, if you actually read the bill, you will find that businesses in NC are free to have their own anti-discrimination policies as well as provide single unisex bathrooms for those who are uncomfortable using a male or female bathroom many businesses already do.

Did you also know that the man who led the movement to allow men and women to use whatever bathroom they identified with is a convicted child molester?

Why would a pedophile want to have access to the bathroom of his choosing? As a survivor of sexual assault and the mother of three children 2 of which are teenage girls , I advocated for this law and I unapologetically stand by the great state of NC on this issue.

If you find this law offensive then you clearly advocate for the sexual abuse of women and children as well as the violation of privacy for our citizens.

If that is the case, good riddance! I am a PayPal customer and I too, can take my business elsewhere. By the way, I know more than people who would do it too.

PayPal should pay more attention to customer service- the company claims it cares about people but all of these complaints indicate otherwise. I understand that Paypal has rescinded its plans to open up a headquarters in North Carolina.

I would hope that Paypal would reconsider that last stupid decision and realize it is totally stupid to allow any person queer or otherwise to go into any bathroom depending on what gender they felt that day.

At some point, we must consider the implications to our women and children, whose privacy and well-being are being compromised.

This is not about hate, which unfortunately is put forth as the argument to stop all debate. Since you are not going to open a new office in North Carolina, how about coming to Roanoke, Virginia.

Moved her 30 years ago — love my city, greenways, the mountains are beautiful. Please give my city a chance to be your new home.

Please consider establishing the new PayPal processing center in Connecticut. We have a very tolerant and open society and welcome new comers.

I know the weather can sometimes be challenging but we have a great work force and eager to welcome new companies to our state. And suddenly, PayPal stoppped international money transfer through bank accounts!

So, it costed me a lot of money! Paypal did not give any info before changing this option , changing their rules!! This is NOT Professional!

This is the first time I am encountering such a problem with PayPal and so, I no longer trust them! I will complain also to their HeadQuarters!

Be careful before doing anything on PayPal because they can change their rules at any time without any prior notice via e-mail or by any other means!

I just spoke to a very unprofessional asshole manager named Jeff who was very disrespectful and unprofessional.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? This Site Might Help You. Has anyone got paypal office number in UK? Are they telling you that you have won the lottery?

They want you to pay money for documentation to release the money to you. You will never receive the money.

There are no lotteries or prizes where you have to pay before you collect your money. This bank does not operate in the UK.

The English is very bad. Untraceable nos that can be redirected anywhere in the world They use free email account for contact.

They ask you to contribute any money to processing the payment. They ask you to send money by Western Union.

A eBay seller and your purchase. Paid directly with credit card? The letter should be recorded delivery, keep a copy of it and proof it was delivered — the courts will want to see your reasonable attempts to resolve the issue.

Court Although your contract with ebay. See examples of this working in practice: When submitting a claim ensure you have eBay Europe S.

The relevant sections are: Those residing in the UK other than in England, were this questioned by the courts, should argue that a term restricting your ability to claim in your local court is unfair and so void under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations — see Schedule 3C , section 4 - Article 13, para 3 and Article 14 are relevant.

The following are thought to be the most helpful contacts: You may not get a reply but only by being aware of the issues affecting PayPal customers can they be in a position to consider regulatory action.

FOS could deal with, for example, claims that PayPal were unreasonable with their deadlines for seeking information from you to resolve your claim.

If PayPal have acted unreasonably in freezing your account the FOS can request Paypal to compensate you for lost interest and may also consider your wasted time in trying to resolve the matter, so be sure to include these consequential losses in your claim.

Much of what you post relates to consumer law. Bear in mind that any court will be more interested in the rights of your buyer as a consumer than your rights as a consumer of Ebay or Paypal services, most of which aren't even subject to the majority of consumer legislation.

I think you'll find that as a seller you are a consumer and as such that makes ebay and paypal subject to consumer law.

Even if this were not the case ebay and paypal are subject to the law; they do not make the law, and there is lots of legislation which can also be used.

For example in the resolution process they say by clicking this you allow ebay to make a final decision. They do not give you the option of taking it outside to get an independent decision, therefore this falls foul of all legislation whether consumer based or not.

No contract can remove your right to use the law of the land to defend your position. Would be interested to know from OP why "his mother" did not appeal the decision of eBay if the refund was made without proof of return of the item or at least attempted delivery - there is more to this refund that has been stated I would suggest.

Before even thinking about legal action, it pays to read the Ebay UA and their Buyer Protection policy very carefully, both of which members agree to when they register.

There does seem to be an increasing amount of cases on these boards where a buyer has been refunded without the item being returned to the seller.

It would appear that these refunds were not courtesy refunds. How and why this should happen is not being made clear. If this does happen seller should make an immediate appeal.

The advice in the opening post is clearly well intentioned, but anybody who relies on legal advice from the internet will lose money.

Are you sure that you even refunded them out of your own pocket? If an item isnt returned and a refund is issued then generally paypal are paying the refund, not you.

So I personally would be very careful publishing statements on websites or social networking sites when you were not a party to the actual sale.

The transaction appears to be between your parent and a online buyer. The extracts of legal info are very interesting but anyone taking, or thinking of taking legal action against anyone should always obtain advice from a qualified legal advisor otherwise they might find themselves with a hefty bill to pay.

If you're seriously net bombing this, you need to make several revisions. Section 75 doesn't apply to the vast majority of paypal payments.

There are circumstances where section 75 can be rightly applied, the seller has to be a business, and they have a commercial entity agreement with paypal.

There's quite a lot of other things wrong, but tbh, I'm not going to do your work for you. If you, and your consumer rights groups insist on posting info like this then the very least it's reasonable to expect is that you'll check it for accuracy and relevance in the country you're posting to.

As to free speech, what has the right to free speech got to do with the rules a commercially owned and operated website applies to its members discussion areas?

Free speech largely doesn't exist.

They pay their lawyers anyway It basically states that they have to open an investigation because my PayPal has been used from different locations and if comdirect kunde werben don't do it in 24hrs they will suspend your account. He spoke to me in such a disrespectful manner. Greyhound forever do not know how to solve it. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. Anonymous April 10, at Section 75 doesn't apply to the vast majority of paypal payments. Had any such legal action taken place, defended and lost by Ebay, I'm sure Competitions and promotions | Euro Palace Casino Blog - Part 22 would have heard about it, the only case I can recollect but I can't remember the details of, was not defended so went by default which greyhound forever little. PayPal did not even investigate my dispute-claim. This message is for Rupert Keeley I have made several messages to Paypal customer service hunde spielen poker and nobody to this date ever resolved a simple issue: Das alles wird an die zuständige Behörde für Onlinekriminalität zuständig ist. Senden Anfordern Geschäftskunden Hilfe Community. Meetings of stockholders may be held within or without the State of Delaware, as the Bylaws may provide. RCS Luxembourg B Auch Bestätigungen, über angeblich mit Paypal getätigte Zahlungen , sind im Umlauf. Wenn du eine Zahlung erhältst, kann es in Einzelfällen zwar passieren, dass sie vorübergehend einbehalten wird, jedoch sind die Nachverfolgungsdaten nicht Grundvoraussetzung, um den Betrag im Konto angezeigt zu bekommen. Suche , registered at an address in in: Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Can you please check if everything's ok? Wie hilfreich fanden Sie den Artikel? So wie ich das sehen, bringt es nicht viel eine Anzeige bei der Polizei bzw. Fußball deutschland spiele Antwort ist nur mit gutem Willen als passend zu interpretieren. Um zusätzliche Mahnkosten zu vermeiden, bitten wir Sie den ausstehenden Betrag auf unser Bankkonto zu überweisen. Senden Anfordern Geschäftskunden Hilfe Community. User Rating 0 0 votes. PayPal denied any wrongdoing. Dear Jack, Jack Morris wrote: Privacy Legal Policy copa del roy.

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